Standards & Policies


Quality Policy

When it comes to manufacturing construction chemicals for every phase of construction, no-one knows better than AQUASEAL. We strive to implement and maintain a world-class Quality Management System, meeting stringent ISO 9001:2015 standards and requirements. Our team is relentless in pursuit of outstanding products and services, no matter what it takes.


  • To constantly improve through good planning, strong operations, and expert resource use
  • To commit to following best international practices when manufacturing our products
  • To continually review and improve our quality control methods & best practice procedures
  • To maintain our unbeatable customer satisfaction rate by always exceeding expectations
  • To create and maintain momentum through an impeccable culture of quality
  • To train all employees on quality insurance, and monitor progress along the way
  • To communicate our policies with all company stakeholders – domestically and worldwide

Offering Our Clients


We offer a wide range of quality construction chemicals for all phases of construction from foundation to finishes, under our product brand names DURABUILD and COMPASS, meeting the highest quality standard and economical challenges.


Our professional sales executives who are eager to support your requirement and inquiries to ensure that you receive the right product at the right time at the right price.


With an extensive fleet of trucks and professional delivery staff assuring prompt delivery.

Our Environmental Policy

We adhere to a system that flawlessly complies with the strict standards set out in ISO 14001:2015, ensuring all of our operations respect environmental expectations. We strive to do good free from harm, which begins with providing the required organization, training, and monitoring to prevent pollution and protect the Earth for future generations.

  • Minimize production waste and emissions to prevent pollution
  • Quickly identify and end non-compliances to protect the environment
  • Comply with all national and global environmental and legal regulations
  • Monitor performance through regular “environmental audits,” evaluating emissions, waste, electrical consumption, and raw material usage
  • Accurately communicate all environmental matters with staff and stakeholders through in-depth training and awareness programs
  • Inject environmental responsibility into every business operation through careful planning, policy review and development, target-setting, and auditing performance
  • Implement a systematic waste control program to achieve our goals and reduce waste
  • Constantly improve our environmental performance standards by setting realistic goals, reducing energy and water consumption where we can, and improving waste management.

Health & Safety

We operate to strict OHSAS 18001:2007 standards and our stringent internal health and safety management system. We believe greatness begins on the inside, which is why we leave no room for error when ensuring a safe space for our workers to do their jobs. We carefully inspect all work areas regularly to identify and remove potential health and safety hazards for workers and visitors.

  • Provide our valued workers and guests with a safe environment to work in and engage with
  • Keep the environment, tools, and materials in a safe condition for everyone
  • Deliver up-to-date, regulated instruction, training, and supervision to keep workers and guests safe from harm
  • Provide everything our workers need to operate safely with no room for error or harm
  • Conduct regular awareness training for employees
  • Encourage each worker to take responsibility and accountability for their own personal health, safety, and well-being
  • Offer training programs to prepare employees for potential “worst case scenarios”
  • Create a culture of effective health, safety, and hazard management
  • Encourage staff to follow safety procedures by wearing personal protective equipment and avoiding careless mistakes, for the sake of themselves and those around them
  • Continually improve our systems and procedures, scouring for new areas of improvement every day
  • Go above and beyond to prevent injury, harm, or health and safety risks
  • Make the Aquaseal factory a pleasant and safe place to work for everyone