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The Foton Auman is the biggest truck built by the Chinese manufacturer. The truck’s main advantages are that it uses Mercedes-Benz technology for its chassis and is powered by a range of Cummins engines.

While the Chinese trucks are still seen with doubtful eyes by the truckers from all over the world, the Foton Auman could prove to be of a different breed thanks to its American engines and the German technology used for the chassis.

The Auman is offered with a wide choice of wheel base lengths which range from 3400 to 6000mm and has a gross combination mass of up to 45 tonnes. In order to meet a wide range of operational needs, the Foton Auman is offered in various models including tractor, platform, dump and other.


Technical Information

Dimensions 6969 × 2495 × 2495 cm
Driving Type

6 x 4

Wheel Base

3300 + 1350 mm

Minimum Ground Clearance

314 mm

Curb Weight

3 Kgs

Persons in Cab


Maximum Speed

> 98 KM/H