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Shantui’s Bulldozer Series includes 80, 100, 110, 130, 160, 180, 220, 230, 320, 420, and 520 horsepower models, providing 10 different power classes. Bulldozers are available in the Standard Model, Swamp Type, Extra Swamp Type, Desert Type, Highlands Type, Power Plant Type, Forest Type and Landfill Type. All bulldozers have a range of optional features. Blades choices include Straight-Tilt Blade, Angle Blade, U-Type Blade, and Landfill Blade. Other optional equipment includes an air-conditioned driver’s cab, FOPS cab, Basic Cab, Single- or Triple-Shank Rippers, Winches and Scrapers. Bulldozers can carry out all your earth-moving needs in a range of work sites, such as airports, road construction sites, mines, dams, railroads and many more.


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Trimming Dozers

These highly efficient machines are equipped with a power transmission and have flexible and convenient operating systems. Shantui Trimming Dozers can be used for various tasks in a wide range of work sites, such as materials handling and trimming at ports and diffuse materials work at power plants and wharfs.


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Pipe Layer Series

" Shantui’s Pipe Layer series includes the SP100Y, SP70Y, SP45Y, SP45YS, SP25Y and SP25YS models. "

All models feature advanced, international load feedback and overload protection technologies. Drive systems are operated electronically by a handle, providing flexible and reliable control. Working devices use hydraulic pilot drive systems, with hook and crane manipulation both controlled by a single control lever capable of very precise motion. Shantui Pipe Layers have been scientifically designed with rollover protection systems. These machines are generally meant for use in pipe line projects


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Road Roller Series

" Shantui road rollers are now routinely rolling over the competition. "

Shantui's Road Roller series includes mechanical and hydraulic Single Steel Drum Vibratory Rollers, Static Rollers, Double Drum Rollers and Tire Rollers. They are designed for operation at a variety of work sites, including airports, road construction sites, dams and railroads. Shantui rollers have excellent compression capabilities, outstanding work efficiency and strong power. Our driver cabs, which are equipped with air-conditioners and shock-absorbing seats, have a wide field of vision and provide a comfortable work environment. The imported hydraulic systems on Shantui rollers make the machines highly dependable. Shantui rollers have a range of optional equipment, such as a Compression Sensor which can automatically measure and control the machine’s compression process.


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Motor Grader Series

" There's nothing like a Shantui motor grader to flatten your costs. "

Shantui’s Motor Grader Series has been internally developed, based on the most advanced foreign technologies. The working devices employ external gears with high torque transference and a linked swing frame for easy operation. With a large cutting angle on the cutting edges and a strong resistance to external shocks, the working devices are capable of handling high workloads and can operate under the harshest of working conditions. Shantui Motor Graders can be used on highway, airport, mining and agricultural work sites for all leveling, trenching, slope shaping, earth moving, plowing and snow removal projects. Motor Graders are an indispensible tool in any project, whether it be national defense, mining, urban infrastructure, water projects or farmland improvements.


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Shantui Landfill Compactors were produced with Shantui’s 30 years of experience in advanced manufacturing processes and 10 years of specialized landfill compactor design technology, making these an excellent, high quality choice for any trash compaction needs. Shantui Landfill Compactors are highly reliable, with high production efficiency and low service costs. They have a comfortable work environment and have been specially designed to ensure ease of maintenance and repair.


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Concrete Machinery

Shantui Chutian Construction Machinery Co., Ltd is a subsididiary of Shantui, mainly concerned with the research and development, production and sales of concrete machinery. Shantui Chutian can provide a full range of products to meet your construction needs, with major products including truck-mounted concrete boom pumps, trailer-mounted concrete pumps, truck-mounted concrete pumps, concrete mixing trucks and concrete mixing trailers.


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Rotary Drilling Rigs

The Company's diversification took another big leap with this behemoth. The Shantui SER22 Rotary Drilling Rig is a pile driving machine which can be used on construction sites with pile foundations for pouring to meet all pouring and pile driving requirements. The SER22 works safely and efficiently, performing a wide range of functions, while remaining environmentally friendly. It’s the ideal machine for foundation piling on highways, railways, bridges, skyscrapers and urban construction projects.


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A relatively new player on the wheel loader scene, Shantui is already hauling in market share with a complete line of powerful and reliable performers. Shantui’s three-, five- and six-ton Wheel Loaders come fitted with either Weichai or Shangchai engines, providing strong power and high torque reserves. The machines have high drive and digging powers, performing powerfully and increasing overall project efficiency. Shantui Wheel Loaders are offered in a range of models, including Standard, Coal-Type and Rock-Type, allowing them to adapt to any work conditions and meet all user needs. Optional attachments include gripping arms for lumber and grass, coal blades and extended-lift buckets.


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If your workloads need a lift, Shantui has the lift for you. Shantui Brand Forklifts use the most advanced design and production methods to provide you with outstanding work capabilities. Shantui Forklifts are fitted with comfortable cabs and simple and safe operation to help take operation to a whole new level.

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