Foton Lovol

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FOTON Wheel Loader

1.Power configuration; Shanghai SC11CB240,1G2B1 engine and Weichai engine;

2.Transmission system is adopted split arrangement with easy repair and maintenance;

3. Adopted full-hydraulic flow priority to enlarge steering system, light and flexible steering;

4. Adopted large vision, all closed damping cab, comfortable and safe operating environment.


Truck Mounted and Stationary Concrete Pumps.jpg

FOTON Hydraulic Excavator

1. Japan Yanmar engine

2. Hydraulic control valves from KYB/REXROTH system, main pump from KYB/REXROTH/CASAPPA, high efficient and reliable;

3. Design and manufacture of structural components reach to world-class level;

4. Fashionable and safe driving cab


Truck Mounted and Stationary Concrete Pumps.jpg

FOTON Backhoe Loader

1.Lovol engine (Perkins as optional), large power reserve, long operating life, FASTRAM can quickly start to save fuel.
2.Originally Italian CARRARO transmission and axles.

3. Adopted HUSCO hydraulic components to ensure the reliability of the system and the accuracy of movement.

4.360-degree panoramic cab with broad vision.


Truck Mounted and Stationary Concrete Pumps.jpg

FOTON Roller

1. U.S. Sauer driving system, vibration system.

2. Imported vibration bearings, “three protection” electric plugs .

3. Full hydraulic driving system, full electrically-hydraulic control.

4. Two- level stepless variable speed driving.

5. Dual-frequency dual-amplitude vibration.

6. Fully Hydraulic control.

7. Maintenance-free battery.


Truck Mounted and Stationary Concrete Pumps.jpg

FOTON Rotary Drilling Rig

1. Imported CAT telescopic chassis, working stability.

2. Original CAT C9 engine, low fuel consumption, low noise, environmental protection, high efficiency, and the emissions can reach to Europe Ⅲ standard.

3. Color display screen, virtual instrument makes the operation simple and convenient, the automatic / manual adjustable mast, vertical degree and drilling depth can be automatically detected and measured so on.

4. Independent development of the intelligent electro-hydraulic control system, CAN bus and the application of PLC control system can correct the rotary drilling rig construction parameters, so as to remove the bad effects of the traditional existence of the parameters error involving depth of rotary drilling rig, rotary and others, and can achieve the remote fault diagnosis and analysis and trouble-shooting.

5. Parallelogram amplitude variable mechanism, box-shaped mast, moving boom, the linked body, high strength, anti-torsion, good anti-bending performance, and all hinging points adopt overload self-lubricating bearings with flexible rotation.


Truck Mounted and Stationary Concrete Pumps.jpg

FOTON Forklift

1.Fully hydraulic control system, load sensors, easy operation;

2.Ergonomic design, comfortable operation;

3.Famous brand engine;

4. Intelligent LCD for easy operation.

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